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Atena I

Cultivating and sowing aggregate AUS Atena

Atena II

Cultivating and sowing aggregate AUS Atena II


Disc harrow BTZ ZEUS

zeus 300  

Disc-sowing harrowBTH ZEUS

zeus light

Disc harrow cultivating and stubble BTL Zeus Light


Landing aggregate APG Apollo

agregat bezorkowy hestia

A corkless aggregate HESTIA




Heavy disc-stubble harrow BTZ ZEUS

Zobacz naszą bronę talerzową ZEUS 300 w akcji:

pol-grom slaid

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Why is it worth choosing our products?


We focus on innovative solutions. We offer a wide range of agricultural machinery such as:

  • Cultivating and sowing aggregates
  • Stubble and stubble cultivators
  • Disc harrows
  • Subsoilers
  • Uncorked aggregates
  • Weeders
  • Seeders



All machines are designed and manufactured with high precision.

The high quality and reliability of the machines is guaranteed by a modern machine park with CNC machine tools and qualified staff.